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About Tea...
The varieties of teas available in supermarkets and other retailers are, for the most part, the bottom of the barrel: low-quality bags containing tea dust - the tiny leaf particles that break off when tea leaves are processed. They'll add color to your cup, but not much flavor. A far cry from the abundance of flavor and intoxicating aroma found in a cup of whole-leaf gourmet tea.




At Grains Grapes & Grounds we carry a large variety of whole leaf, gourmet, fruit and herbal teas, from premium companies like: Numi, Adagio, and Market Spice.

Some of our selection includes:

Black teas - Darjeeling, Assam, Yunnan, Market Spice Original and Decaf, Lemon-Berry Sage, Mango, Huckleberry Cream, Rum Butter, Morning Rise, and Berry Black.

Green teas - Gun Powder, Gen Mai Cha, Long Jing, Monkey King, and Rainforest Green.

White teas - Bai Mu Dan, & Silver Needle(Bai Hao), and Moonlight Spice.

Oolong teas - Formosa, and Shui Hsien Ginger.

Fruit teas - Dry Desert Lime, Raspberry Patch, Apple Cantata, Blood Orange and Friut Melody.

Red teas - (Rooibos) - Natural Organic, Earl Grey, Berry, and Tropical

Herbal teas - Market Chai, Lemongrass, plus a complete selection of Herbal Spa teas.

We also carry hand sewn Flowering teas in a variety of Black, Green and White tea combinations.

For Ogden Utah residents, we can special order almost any tea desired from one of our multiple vendors, just ask!





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