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About Homebrewing...
If you have ever considered making your own beer, either lager or ale, Grains Grapes & Grounds carries everything you need. From kits designed to making your brewing experience both easy and successful for new brewers to a large selection of equipment, and ingredients including malt extracts, grains, hops and yeasts to either replicate an existing favorite brew or to allow advanced brewers to be creative and brew something unique.



At Grains Grapes & Grounds we carry a wide range of beer making equipment and ingredients from some of the following manufacturers:  Better-Bottle, Blichmann Engineering, BrewFerm, BrewVint, Briess Malt & Ingredients Co., Castle Malting, Crisp Malting Group, Coopers, Cornelius, Durst Malz, Fermentis, Ferrari Group, Fermtech, Firestone, Five Star Chemicals, Gambrinus Malting Company, Gilbertson & Page, Hobby Beverage Equipment Company, Johnson Control, J.S.P. Inc., King Cooler, Liquid Bread Inc., Muntons PLC, Oregon Fruit Products, Polarware, Progressive International Corp., RAHR Malting Canada Ltd., Shirron Inc., Simpsons Malt Limited, Tap-A-Draft, The Brew House, True Brew, Weyermann Specialty Malting Company, & Wyeast.

Need help creating a favorite recipe? We offer a variety of recipes for the extract and all grain brewer alike, all designed to be just what your looking for in the style. Already have a good recipe but want to tweak it into a great recipe? With over ten years of brewing experience we can help, and we're sure to have the answers your looking for and everything you need to be successful on your next brew!




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