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About G3...
Whether your interest is beer making, wine making, coffee, tea, picnicing or finding just the right gift, Grains Grapes & Grounds is here to help you. Our store is open:

Thursday 11:00AM-5:00PM, Fridays and Saturdays 10:00AM-7:00PM (Closed Sunday thru Wednesday). Contact us by telephone at 801-399-3444, e-mail us at 3ginfo@grainsgrapesgrounds.com or stop by the store at:

2340 Washington Blvd. Ogden Utah. Our online store is now up and running with limited items, be sure and check it out!


The G3 Story...
Heath and Jennifer Stockard, owners of G3, moved to the Ogden, Utah area in Fall 2005. Heath started home brewing in 1996 when Jennifer bought him a brew kit for their first wedding anniversary. He had reservations about being able to find the supplies he would need to continue his hobby in Utah with its strict alcohol laws. Happily though, with his computer and a quick search, he found evidence of at least some fellow hobbyists in the new local. So, off to Salt Lake City he and Jennifer went to the closest homebrew shop.

At about 70 miles round trip, The Beer Nut had what Heath required, however there was one small curiosity about this shop. Something that was different than the other shops they had been to in other states. It was very, very busy and manned by several employees. What was going on in Utah? Heath and Jennifer pondered over this peculiarity on the ride back home. Could it be that there were enough home brewers in Utah to warrant the existence of another shop located conveniently closer to Ogden?

Heath decided over the next few months he would conduct an experiment; he would somehow try to bring up the fact that home brewing was his hobby to everyone he met and see what reactions he got. As it turned out, it was easier to bring up the topic than he imagined it would be. At stores, restaurants, ski resorts, really any place people were to be found he would strike up conversations with complete strangers and work in mention of his beloved hobby. To his surprise, an unusually high percentage of the people he spoke to said they either knew someone who had brewed or made wine or brewed or made wine themselves. At first when he and Jennifer reviewed these findings it seemed unfathomable. Surely he had been random enough in an area with a population of over 150,000 people to not have spoken with people who all knew each other.

They had actually discovered an important fact; there were really more home brewers and wine makers per capita in Utah than most parts of the country. Certainly there were more home brewers and wine makers than where they were previously from. This enforced the thought that they should be able to be successful in opening their own shop. Before investing time and money into this venture however, they spent a few months investigating and doing considerable research into its feasibility.

With favorable findings, next came the search for the right space to house their vision. Finally after about four months of searching they found a small storefront in downtown Ogden across from a re-developing site that will soon be a bustling hub of activity. You know what they say… Location, Location, Location.

In March of 2006 renovation started on the space. Heath and Jennifer talked at length about what they both liked and disliked about other shops they had seen and been in over the years and decided on unconventional approach. Their shop would be inviting to both brewers and non brewers alike. They reasoned that since the store was essentially “beverage based” they should follow that theme and incorporate some other products that fit the profile such as coffees, teas, hot chocolates and a variety of other drink mixes.

G3 has a selection of some of Heath and Jennifer’s favorite beverages and most of the associated wares and accessories that go with them. Hopefully they are or will be your favorites too.

If you ever find yourself in Ogden, Utah you’re invited to stop by and visit. From the time you walk through its doors, you’ll know that G3 is no ordinary shop. Inviting, calming, comfortable and elegant, G3 is tailored to the hobbyist who is pursuing the artistic aspect of their noble passion, whatever beverage that involves.

Grains Grapes & Grounds is located in historic Ogden, Utah.


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